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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dallas Fan Expo

We are just back from Dallas for Fan Expo 2016. We had lots of fun!! Perrin really enjoyed himself. He was so happy he said it made his whole year. Why? Well he picked out a batman print drawn by Neal Adams then had him sign it!!! Then he took it over to Kevin Conroy's table and had him sign it. Most may not realize how awesome this is for him but lately he has been batman crazy. He has beaten all of the arkham games so far. That was actually the deciding factor of us getting a ps4 for Christmas because arkham knight only came on ps4 or Xbox one. Kevin Conroy not only did the voice of batman for the animated series but he is also doing the voice of batman for the upcoming Killing Joke. But most importantly he does the voice for the video games so Perrin was so very excited. He loves the games so much that he wrote screenplays when he had extra time at school. So that just blew his mind. It was so neat to see him interact with someone he looks up too. 

We also met Jon Bernthal, which was super cool. He talked with all the kids and even gave Stella a pet which she loved!! 

This was her first comic con so she was a little nervous but she did great!

Stella must have been unimpressed with the Rancor. Haha

Resting in the car on the way home. You did good baby girl. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Schlitterbahn 2015!!!

We recently had our annual Schlitterbahn. The kids had a blast as usual. I don't know if it was the recent rains and flooding or if we just caught a good day but it was not busy at all! A rarity!! We throughly enjoyed no lines or a very short wait. The weather was beautiful. 

The wave pool was a big hit. As usual. Haha. 
Alek kept miscounting the slides. He wanted me to film him in slow motion. 

Ultimate funnel cake! We get it every time!!

So glad the Schlitterbahn New Braunfels is only an hour away! It really is a summer tradition. We brought our own lunch and one of our refillable cups from a previous summer. They do 99 cent refills even on previous season cups, which we love!! But as always we save room for our favorite funnel cake. It gets destroyed in about 2 minutes. Thanks Schlitterbahn!

Saturday, May 23, 2015


It's almost summertime!!! This is the time of year the kids look forward to all year long. Summer is a great time for us because it means days at the pool, waterparks or six flags!! We love to beat the summer heat in the water. Our most favorite place to go is Schlitterbahn! Every year we have so much fun. We even have a bag just for our waterpark essentials: our watershoes, sunscreen, waterproof phone cases (a must if you like to take pictures at the waterpark). Our countdown to the last days of school starts NOW!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Perrin has been talking a lot of Marvel lately. He got a new encyclopedia for Christmas and is reading it religiously. He says he can't wait for Age of Ultron to come out and I think I'm right there with him on that. Dallas has been holding a marvel experience that he has been BEGGING to go to before our trip to California where we will be going to Disneyland to see their marvel exhibit there. Of course here is our most favorite picture ever. It's on canvas and we had it signed by Stan Lee himself.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Splashtown is super fun

We go to San Antonio every summer. While we are there we look for something we have never done before. Once it was natural bridge caverns, another time it was eating at the riverwalk. A few years ago, it was Splashtown. 

We had a blast! I couldn't believe we could have so much fun at a water park other than the bigger ones! Splashtown San Antonio is 20 landscaped acres of cool, clean water excitement! Plus, it's just 3 minutes north of downtown San Antonio. 

There are over 50 rides and attractions plus free life jackets! Always convienent to not have to bring those. There is a covered public picnic area but if you don't bring your own food, the food for purchase is very yummy! The have Dive-In movies and lockers for rent. The lifeguards are professionally trained, so moms breathe a sigh of relief! They have free parking which is always a good thing and there is a souvenir shop in case you forget anything!! 

Plus here is a coupon! Always love the savings!! 
Save $5 Off at Splashtown San Antonio Coupon 

Mom's Ice Chest Challenge (Schlitterbahn time!!)

It's that time of year again! Time for our annual staycation in San Antonio and New Braunfels. Boy did we earn it after this past year. Perrin failed the Staar test twice and had to go to two weeks of summer enrichment. At least he didn't have to take the test a third time. It's been a year but we are onto 6th grade. Wow! Growing up so fast. 

One of the best part about schlitterbahn is that they allow you to bring a cooler in for free!! On top of the free parking, it's obvious why this is one of our favorite parks. We like to bring a cooler because we don't let our kids during soda and this allows us to have vitamin water and Gatorade within arms reach. Also, the youngest is the pickiest eater I have ever met. I don't know how he is going to survive Kindergarten this year. Haha. It also saves a ton of time standing in massive lines when you are STARVING!! There is one fail proof thing I always pack in my cooler when we go to schlitterbahn: fruit kabobs. 

Super simple. Just take some wooden or bamboo skewers and thread on whatever fruit is your favorite. We use strawberries, pineapple, red and green grapes. Sometime we pack a little plain yogurt drizzled with local honey as a dipping sauce but they are great all on their own. Plus it gets the kids to eat tons  of fruit with a promise of a sword fight when their done!!! Kids can't wait!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

And the winner is!!!

Congrats to Richard D.! Thank you all for participating in my giveaway. Richard enjoy your visit!

We are headed down to Schlitterbahn this Sunday and after 2 weeks of swim lessons, Perrin and his sister will not have to wear life jackets if they don't want to! But remember, Schlitterbahn has free ones in case your kids need them! We are looking forward to getting in the water. We are aiming to be there right at open so Daddy can ride all the rides that he usually can't later in the day. We are, of course, packing snacks and drinks but we will be sticking with tradition and buying a refillable water bottle and maybe a waffle cone made right in front of you. I hope you all make it to Schlitterbahn this summer!

Remember that Schlitterbahn is offering the following discounts!
Go to http://www.schlitterbahn.com/bloggers and use promo code 299000334 for $7 off a 2 day ticket and 299000335 for $5 off one day tickets. Valid at ALL Texas Schlitterbahn parks.