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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dallas Fan Expo

We are just back from Dallas for Fan Expo 2016. We had lots of fun!! Perrin really enjoyed himself. He was so happy he said it made his whole year. Why? Well he picked out a batman print drawn by Neal Adams then had him sign it!!! Then he took it over to Kevin Conroy's table and had him sign it. Most may not realize how awesome this is for him but lately he has been batman crazy. He has beaten all of the arkham games so far. That was actually the deciding factor of us getting a ps4 for Christmas because arkham knight only came on ps4 or Xbox one. Kevin Conroy not only did the voice of batman for the animated series but he is also doing the voice of batman for the upcoming Killing Joke. But most importantly he does the voice for the video games so Perrin was so very excited. He loves the games so much that he wrote screenplays when he had extra time at school. So that just blew his mind. It was so neat to see him interact with someone he looks up too. 

We also met Jon Bernthal, which was super cool. He talked with all the kids and even gave Stella a pet which she loved!! 

This was her first comic con so she was a little nervous but she did great!

Stella must have been unimpressed with the Rancor. Haha

Resting in the car on the way home. You did good baby girl.