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Sunday, July 21, 2013

And the winner is!!!

Congrats to Richard D.! Thank you all for participating in my giveaway. Richard enjoy your visit!

We are headed down to Schlitterbahn this Sunday and after 2 weeks of swim lessons, Perrin and his sister will not have to wear life jackets if they don't want to! But remember, Schlitterbahn has free ones in case your kids need them! We are looking forward to getting in the water. We are aiming to be there right at open so Daddy can ride all the rides that he usually can't later in the day. We are, of course, packing snacks and drinks but we will be sticking with tradition and buying a refillable water bottle and maybe a waffle cone made right in front of you. I hope you all make it to Schlitterbahn this summer!

Remember that Schlitterbahn is offering the following discounts!
Go to http://www.schlitterbahn.com/bloggers and use promo code 299000334 for $7 off a 2 day ticket and 299000335 for $5 off one day tickets. Valid at ALL Texas Schlitterbahn parks.

Monday, July 15, 2013

It's good to be green (Schlitterbahn series)

In the third of my Schlitterbahn series I'm going to touch on some of the awesome points of how Schlitterbahn is greener than all other waterparks! Schlitterbahn was born on the banks of a river and has always been a steward of the water in the park. 98% of the water is recaptured, filtered and reused all season long.

After the 2011 fire in Bastrop, Texas:

Near my in-laws house in Bastrop. 

My husband took this as he drove into Bastrop

In September 2011, a major wildfire raged through Bastrop County, Texas. Three separate fires started during Labor Day weekend and by the time it was under control, it destroyed 1,691 homes and burned over 34,000 acres of land including the vast majority of Bastrop State Park's 5,900 acres of Loblolly Pines. The Lost Pines Forest, thought to have originated in or before the Pleistocene Era, was also heavily impacted.  The fire hit pretty close to home as my husband's parents lived just outside of the fire evacuation line. Had the fire moved anymore to the left, they could have lost everything. We do know people who lost everything in the fires. Schlitterbahn tried to make the best of a bad situation though.
For safety reasons, the burned pines has to be removed. The scorched trees were destined for the grinder who would have turned them into mulch. Jeff Henry at Schlitterbahn offered to take the trees. He then had them milled and thus began the process of transforming the pines from scorched wood to the dramatic feature throughout the Schlitterbahn Beach Resort at South Padre. Here's where you'll find the Bastrop Pines at the South Padre Waterpark Resort:

  • Rooms: In most rooms; the cabinets, coffee tables, nightstands and headboards are made from the Bastrop Loblolly Pines. 
  • Dining Areas: Large tables are made from the Loblolly Pines.
  • Lobby: The large tree stump tables by the doors leading to the heated pool are from the fire, as in the siding along many of the interior walls. 
  • External: The siding on the outside walls of the resort are made from Loblolly Pine.
Ropes: Over 3 miles of 3-inch mooring ropes of dozens of former ships have been painstakingly wrapped around giant concrete structural poles in their Sea 4ever 10,000 square foot patio. 

Green House: The retractable roof over our indoor waterpark was built from a large greenhouse - an old Schultz nursery.

Lobby Check-In Counter: Built from salvaged walnut trees which were pulled from a road project in Kansas. 

Parapet Walls: The hatch covers cam off a famous US Troop carrier the John E. Pope and are used on parapet walls and also to make tables. Over 500 are on site. 

Chandeliers: The beautiful chandeliers hanging in the Sea 4ever event patio were salvages from an aging Vegas hotel. Schlitterbahn's team glued shells to them and hung in the ceiling. 

Waterslides: Yes even some of the water slides were recycled. The water slides came from a park in Cleveland, Ohio and were salvaged, refurbished and re-installed. 

Handrails: An old Dutchman Downs Stadium was the source for all the handrails. 

How many waterparks can say all that??

Friday, July 12, 2013

Surviving Schlitterbahn with kiddos!

Now I know in Texas the heat is awful!!! 

Wow! Finally some relief!
Usually, it's 104 degrees everyday!! What better place to cool down than Schlitterbahn. So easy to get to because it's right down I35! Of Course with the heat, you have to pack carefully when going out in the sun all day especially when you have kids with you. Here are some of our "go to" essentials!

1. Water Shoes for the kids/Flip Flops for the adults! - Schlitterbahn parks are among the largest in the nation. With all that walking remember that the pavement will be hot where there is no shade! 
2. Sunscreen! Lots of Sunscreen - Water and sweat remove sunscreen. Make sure to apply and reapply all day. We use the spray on kind and there is even a new brand you can spray on wet skin! No more waiting!!
3. You can pack a lunch!! - Schlitterbahn allows ice chests but no glass or alcohol. We pack our favorite juice boxes, gatorade and vitaminwaters, some fruit and snacks but remember that Schlitterbahn has yummy funnel cakes and turkey legs! They are reasonably priced and there are even healthy options!

Schlitterbahn has free parking and free life jackets!

Our Contest for the 2 Schlitterbahn tickets end on 7-19-2013! Make sure you enter below!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

We're going to Schlitterbahn!!! Plus a GIVEAWAY!

When US Family Guide offered me the opportunity to work with Schlitterbahn, I jumped on it!! We LOVE going to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, Tx. Not only is it super close, but it is also America's #1 waterpark for the past 15 years. It has won awards for the best indoor waterpark, best waterpark ride and best new ride!! Perrin loves the wavepool at Schlitterbahn, actually it is his favorite wavepool!! We spend at least an hour or two going around and around!!

Every time we visit, we leave with the BIGGEST smiles on our faces.
Alek on the free bus between parks waving at the people passing in cars!

Seriously can his smile be any bigger?
Julianna on the Congo 
Schlitterbahn is extending special discounts to you!!! 

Use this link : http://www.schlitterbahn.com/bloggers There are two offers!! One is save $7 off a two day visit or $5 off one day!! PLUS... They are giving me two, count them, TWO tickets to give away!!!!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sea World!

We love going to Sea World San Antonio. We have been going since Julianna was a little baby. Perrin loves to go feed the dolphins and see the penguins. One of the biggest draws for Perrin though is the Shamu coaster. He has ridden that ride like crazy since we started going, often getting off the ride and running to get back in line for another go. We can't wait for this summer to go back. It is always fun! When we went last summer, we got to visit the new Aquatica park. It is a blast. One of the most exciting things is now you get to pet stingrays! They even have a slide that ends underneath the stingray pool! We can't wait to go back!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Perrin's Jumpstreet Party!

Perrin wanted to have his 10th birthday party at Jumpstreet in Cedar Park. It was great! The staff was wonderful, super helpful and friendly. I called Jonathon to set up the party. He was awesome and made sure that I had every question answered and that everything was correct. On party day, we arrived and checked in. The party host made sure we completed the waiver, gave us our wristbands and showed us to our party table. As soon as Perrin's friends started to arrive, he took off! I think I saw him a total of 15 minutes the whole 2 hours we were there!! That is a sign of a successful party my friends. Perrin wanted a Perry the Platypus cake, so Mommy made sure he had it. It took some work (Perry is made from fondant!)

Perrin and his friends had a pizza lunch, cake and tons of fun! I highly recommend the staff at Jumpstreet for your next party. I love parties where I don't have to do anything. Seriously, after chasing kids all day/everyday, it's nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the party. Unfortunately, I don't pictures of Perrin because he was off with his friend but here are some of brother and sister!

Sister enjoying the eartquake trampoline!

Watch out for the alligator!!!!

She loves the slide

Check out this slide! 
What a swing! Love the foam pit!
Think he can get out on his own?

Think you can catch me?
I'm gonna win!

Jumpstreet was a wonderful birthday party. All the kids want their next birthday there. Not only to do you get a party host for 2 hours, you get to sit back and enjoy. I hope you think about Jumpstreet when you are planning your child's birthday!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


So, There is the place in Cedar Park. It is called Jumpstreet indoor trampoline park. You can find them here! This place is awesome!! We went one day to try it out. We stayed for 2 hours and boy were we worn out!! Not only does it have a big trampoline court for big kids, it has a dodgeball court for them as well! For the littles, there is plenty of fun too! There is a smaller trampoline court for them (Which is where we spent most of our time this visit and had the Earthquake area to ourselves!) There are also two inflatable slides for the kiddos!!! Last (but certainly not least!) there is the fun pass area. This includes a intertube slide, a bull ride, a maze and a FOAM PIT with a rope swing!!!! Perrin and Julianna loved the slide, maze and foam pit! Jumpstreet is the perfect place to go, rain or shine! Not only is it fun for adults, it wears out the kids. Perrin loved it so much that he wanted to forgo his usual Pump it up party for a party at Jumpstreet. So that is what we did! You can read about that experience here. They have lots of specials also. Some of them are $10 Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours, Teen nights on Fridays and for the little ones it is $4 all day/every day! Fun Pass is only $3 extra per child but well worth it! Below are some of our pictures from our visit! Have fun at Jumpstreet!