Every Generation Has A Legend. Every Journey Has A First Step. Every Saga Has A Beginning.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Every Generation Has A Legend.

So, where to start? My name is Susan, mom to 3 beautiful children; Perrin, Julianna, and Aleksander. My oldest was born at 25 weeks at 1 lb 13.8 oz. As a result, he has CP, Hydrocephalus controlled by a VP shunt, blepharospasm, Meige's Syndrome, dystonia, ADHD, and dysgraphia. He just had his 11th surgery in Dec of '09 for a shunt revision. Unfortunately, the neurosurgeon made a mistake and pushed the catheter too far into his brain and nicked the corpus colloseum. So, with that, he regressed horribly. Complete 180 in attitude, school work, attention, etc. We have been slowly progressing back to where he once was but it is still an uphill climb. He has been quick to anger, depressed, and just overall more moody than he ever was.

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