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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Something confusing this way comes?

So here is somewhat of a timeline of what happened at school yesterday.

He goes to his resource class at 8. At 8:58 they send him back to reg ed. He sits down at his desk to eat his snack. (this was the last thing he remembers) His regular teacher was across the hall because he has a student teacher doing "solo teaching" all this week. They had standardized testing in 5th grade so he didn't have resource class on Mon and Tues. He gets up and tells the student teacher he has to go to resource, even tho he just came back. The time is now 9:05-9:10. She says ok and sends him down because he is in and out of her class room at different periods of the day and she doesn't really know his schedule (sounds like she needs to learn it!) He goes down to resource (at this time it is now 9:16) I think he sees the time and his brain "clicks back on" He repeatedly tells the resource teacher "I had to leave at 9" Now he is unsure of himself and says he lost track of time and "Had to leave at 9". My reasoning, and I am NOT a dr and don't pretend to be, is that he had a amnesia seizure of some sort. They have been worried about absence seizures for awhile but we can't get it to show up on EEG. Still waiting to hear from neurologist. Still kind of mad that I wasn't followed up with yesterday. 

Teacher was concerned so they brought him to the nurse and called me.


  1. Susan, I just found your blog and have not had time to read it all. The story on Holland is a good lesson for everyone to read. I guess I really did lose touch with what you were going through. I apologize for that as I had no idea Perrin was dealing with such a critical medical condition. As I read this, it made me feel so bad for being out of touch. I see now what a struggle you have been dealing with. I have to say, you do it with grace and humor judging from your Facebook postings. Take care sweetie -- I know you must have many moments of sheer frustration trying to get heard. You are a good mom!

  2. Thanks Aunt M. Don't feel bad. I couldn't imagine my life any other way. It may be hard sometimes but you just go with the flow! Love you!