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Monday, January 30, 2012

It's always something isn't it?

I know we haven't updated in forever, but we have been dealing with some crazy stuff lately. Perrin has been having some issues in school. He has been having some dazing spells, unable to repeat simple directions, and forgetting where items he uses everyday are. Also, 2 weeks ago, he forgot how to use his pencil. Weird huh?! Well, I've been in contact with both his neurosurgeon ( who suggested an ER visit, complete with CT scan and shunt series X-rays. All clear by the way.) and his neurologist. His neurologist referred us to the video EEG unit. So for 3 days, Perrin will be hooked up to monitors on his scalp and chest. Luckily, he can move around the room, he just can't leave the room. Unluckily, he can't leave his room. Plus, he will be impatient at the hospital for Valentine's Day. That kinda makes me sad cause he is going miss his party with his friends. The upside to his stay is that his room has a tv, DVD player, wifi and a Wii! He was most excited about the Wii and has picked out his 2 favorite games to take with him: Captain America and Star Wars : the force unleashed. Plus, Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D comes out the Friday before he goes in so I know how we will be spending the the weekend before, I'm sure. Hopefully, this gives us an insight on what is going on in his brain and let us deal with what is shown on the outside. Even if the test comes back with seizure activity, we will take this one day at a time. He is still my sweet little boy. Nothing, I mean nothing, will change that. No matter the diagnosis, I will always be there to help him and guide him thru his life, no matter how confusing. I will update more when the testing starts, I promise!

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