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Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Perrin!!

This Christmas Eve, Perrin will be 10 years old! I often reflect upon his birth. How scared his Dad and I were and how helpless we felt. We just kept telling him we loved him and how brave he was. I remember when he was just a couple of hours old and I had my hand resting on his open warmer, he reached up and grabbed my finger. I know he couldn't have seen more than blurs and shapes but in that moment, I knew that he was a fighter. I knew he was not going to give up, but he needed my help. So we made sure no one else gave up either. 10 years, 13 surgeries, countless therapy sessions later... I love my boy more than anything in the world (with the exception of his siblings and their dad) He is growing up to be a wonderful young man, so polite and happy.

He has come a long way. From this:

To this!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PERRIN!!! We love you with all of our heart!


Mommy, Daddy, Alek and Julianna

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