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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Perrin's Jumpstreet Party!

Perrin wanted to have his 10th birthday party at Jumpstreet in Cedar Park. It was great! The staff was wonderful, super helpful and friendly. I called Jonathon to set up the party. He was awesome and made sure that I had every question answered and that everything was correct. On party day, we arrived and checked in. The party host made sure we completed the waiver, gave us our wristbands and showed us to our party table. As soon as Perrin's friends started to arrive, he took off! I think I saw him a total of 15 minutes the whole 2 hours we were there!! That is a sign of a successful party my friends. Perrin wanted a Perry the Platypus cake, so Mommy made sure he had it. It took some work (Perry is made from fondant!)

Perrin and his friends had a pizza lunch, cake and tons of fun! I highly recommend the staff at Jumpstreet for your next party. I love parties where I don't have to do anything. Seriously, after chasing kids all day/everyday, it's nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the party. Unfortunately, I don't pictures of Perrin because he was off with his friend but here are some of brother and sister!

Sister enjoying the eartquake trampoline!

Watch out for the alligator!!!!

She loves the slide

Check out this slide! 
What a swing! Love the foam pit!
Think he can get out on his own?

Think you can catch me?
I'm gonna win!

Jumpstreet was a wonderful birthday party. All the kids want their next birthday there. Not only to do you get a party host for 2 hours, you get to sit back and enjoy. I hope you think about Jumpstreet when you are planning your child's birthday!

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