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Friday, July 12, 2013

Surviving Schlitterbahn with kiddos!

Now I know in Texas the heat is awful!!! 

Wow! Finally some relief!
Usually, it's 104 degrees everyday!! What better place to cool down than Schlitterbahn. So easy to get to because it's right down I35! Of Course with the heat, you have to pack carefully when going out in the sun all day especially when you have kids with you. Here are some of our "go to" essentials!

1. Water Shoes for the kids/Flip Flops for the adults! - Schlitterbahn parks are among the largest in the nation. With all that walking remember that the pavement will be hot where there is no shade! 
2. Sunscreen! Lots of Sunscreen - Water and sweat remove sunscreen. Make sure to apply and reapply all day. We use the spray on kind and there is even a new brand you can spray on wet skin! No more waiting!!
3. You can pack a lunch!! - Schlitterbahn allows ice chests but no glass or alcohol. We pack our favorite juice boxes, gatorade and vitaminwaters, some fruit and snacks but remember that Schlitterbahn has yummy funnel cakes and turkey legs! They are reasonably priced and there are even healthy options!

Schlitterbahn has free parking and free life jackets!

Our Contest for the 2 Schlitterbahn tickets end on 7-19-2013! Make sure you enter below!

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  1. I have never been so I can't say I have a favorite.